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In Solidarity with our brother Aaron Bushnell
[February 29, 2024]

From the Bench with Grey Heron Fisher
[August 4, 2023]

Journalist Randy Credico Has Been Placed on Ukrainian Terrorist "Kill-List" via CIA Project Website
[June 23, 2023]

Daniel Ellsberg: A Genuine Human Being Died Struggling for World Peace, an End to all Nuclear Weapons
[June 17, 2023]

US/UK Seek to Silence Julian Assange and Free Press: Activists, Artists, National and International Leaders Say NO
[April 28, 2023]

Is History Repeating Itself? Who Will Be Today’s Ted Hall? An Interview with the Principals of “A Compassionate Spy”
[December 24, 2022]

Rebranding the Democratic Party: the War Party
[July 29, 2022]

Julian: Let's Take a Stand
[July 16, 2022]

Does Iceland Set Benchmark for Peaceful and Politically Engaged People?
[July 3, 2022]

American Soldiers in Denmark is a "logical extension of NATO cooperation says Denmark's Prime Minister
[February 24, 2022]

Danish Defense Intelligence Chief is Jailed by Social Democrat Government--Possibly to Protect US Spy Programs
[February 23, 2022]

Unprecedented Arrests of Military and Police Surveillance Officers in Denmark
[December 15, 2021]

CIA “Reminds You of the Glory of the American Experiment”:
Mass Murder, Regicide, Fratricide, Torture, Lying, Cheating, Stealing racing toward Armageddon

[November 29, 2021]

Ireland Travelogue: Vikings/British Colonialism, Che, Collegue Bonding
[September 25, 2021]

Setback for Assange in UK Trial over US Effort to Extradite Publisher:
Key Supporter Craig Murray Imprisoned

[August 13, 2021]

[August 10, 2021]

Peru Finally Gets its First Socialist President, Pedro Castillo
[July 20, 2021]

Socialist Pedro Castillo Leads Before Peru's June 6th Run-off Election
[May 29, 2021]

Surprise Ecuadorian Presidential Victory for Capitalism and US Domination
[April 12, 2021]

Icelanders: Can This Peaceful, Politically Engaged People So Continue?
[March 15, 2021]

Bolivia: First Three Months of pro-Socialist Electoral Victory
[February 25, 2021]

JANUARY 6--WHAT A DAY--Assange freed yet imprisoned:
HALLELUJAH for the failed coup in Washington DC

[January 7, 2021]

Denmark: Three Decades of War to Please USA
Demonizing Russia is Central

[January 6, 2021]

Denmark's Defense Serves USA First: Sovereignty Denied
[December 11, 2020]

Trump Could Stick it to Deep State, Obama, Clinton, Biden
[December 10, 2020]

The Threat of Peace: Why America Needs War with Russia:
Finian Cunningham Interview with Ron Ridenour

[November 3, 2020]

Debunking the Myth of Denmark
[November 2, 2020]

A Travesty of Justice: UK Caters to the US Government's Desire
to Crush Assange

[October 11, 2020]

Will England Send Assange-the-Messenger to America's Dungeons?
[October 10, 2020]

Assange Must Be Eliminated: His Autobiography Explains
[September 10, 2020]

Julian Assange Extradition Trial: World Powers Seek Revenge
[September 9, 2020]

Huge Intelligence Agency Scandal Rocks Denmark:
Puts its Deep State on Trial

[August 29, 2020]

Dedicated to thiscantbehappening collective:
Our Beating Drums
[July 22, 2020]

Unusual bestial murder of a black man by white racists:
Denmark Authorites in Denial about Racism

[July 20, 2020]

Unify the Movements:
Looking Back at Today's Uprising:

[June 27, 2020]

Denmark: US's 51 State:
Social Democrat Government Dares Not Criticize USA:

[June 25, 2020]

Denmark, US's 51 State:
European's Join US Americans' Uprising

[June 15, 2020]

No Justice No Peace:
Watts Uproar Revisited
[June 3, 2020]

Covid-19 Global Solidarity Coalition Launched
[May 25, 2020]

Remembering a Lifetime of Struggle and Vietnam's Heroic Victory
[April 30, 2020]

Marx on Covid-19
[April 3, 2020]

Mr Johnson, Tear Down This Wall:
Call to resist the ongoing assualt on Assange and Manning
[November 29, 2019]

Bolivia: a Foreseeable Coup
[November 20, 2019]

Banana Kingdom Denmark
[September 08, 2019]

Denmark Peace-Justice Conference Based on Activism in Many Countries
[May 25, 2019]

[April 27, 2019]

While Spanish Leaders Make War, Spanish Children March for Peace
[February 11, 2019]

The Russian Peace Threat: Pentagon on Alert!
Chapter 18: The United States of America Military Empire

[January 7, 2019]

Back to the Dark Ages: Jeremy Kuzmarov review of "The Russian Peace Threat: Pentagon on Alert"
[December 7, 2018]

Fight for Promised Peace Dividend
Interview with author John Rachel by Ron Ridenour
[December 6, 2018]

Dave Lindorff review of "Pentagon on Alert: The Russian Peace Threat"
[November 21, 2018]

Lament for a future in memory of Leonard Cohen
[November 20, 2018]

"Pentagon on High Alert as Russia Threatening Peace"
by John Rachel

[November 15, 2018]

The Saker Reviews "The Russian Peace Threat"
[August 24, 2018]

The Russian Peace Threat: Pentagon on Alert is Published
[June 30, 2018]

RUSSIAN PEACE THREAT: Pentagon on Alert!
Chapter Ten: World War 11 and Soviet Union
Pre-war Internal Developments

[April 6, 2018]

RUSSIAN PEACE THREAT: Pentagon on Alert!
Chapter Nine: Soviet Sides with Democratic Spanish Republic:
US Helps Fascist Victory

[April 5, 2018]

RUSSIAN PEACE THREAT: Pentagon on Alert!
Chapter Eight: U.S. Capital Plans Fascist FDR Coup; Finances Hitler-Mussolini

[April 2, 2018]

RUSSIAN PEACE THREAT: Pentagon on Alert!
Part II
Chapter Seven: October Revolution: The West Prohibits Socialism's Natural Course

[March 30, 2018]

RUSSIAN PEACE THREAT: Pentagon on Alert!
Chapter Six: CIA Complot Murders JFK Over Cuba
[February 20, 2018]

RUSSIAN PEACE THREAT: Pentagon on Alert!
Chapter Five: Vasili Arkhipov: The Man Who Prevented World War III

[December 15, 2017]

RUSSIAN PEACE THREAT: Pentagon on Alert!
Chapter Four: Cuban Missile Crisis

[December 14, 2017]

RUSSIAN PEACE THREAT: Pentagon on Alert!
Chapter Three: U.S. Subversion leads to Cuban Missile Crisis
[November 24, 2017]

RUSSIAN PEACE THREAT: Pentagon on Alert!
Chapter Two: Bay of Pigs Invasion: Retake Cuba

[November 7, 2017]

RUSSIAN PEACE THREAT: Pentagon on Alert!
Chapter One: Russia Sends Yuri Gagarin Around the World for Peace:
US Invades Cuba

[September 11, 2017]

[June 20, 2017]

Chelsea’s Freedom: A victory for world peace enabled by a warring president
[January 24, 2017]

Reflections on Fidel, Cuba, Internationalism and Tamils
[November 28, 2016]

USA Elections: A Revolutionary View
[October 31, 2016]

OBAMA sells human rights and weapons to former Asia enemies
[September 10, 2016]

Denmark: Return of the Vikings
[August 6, 2016]

Denmark: Rogue State
[August 2, 2016]

Denmark: Bernie Sanders for Prime Minister
[July 31, 2016]

Iceland, this is where bankers go to jail
[July 25, 2016]

Sweden-Finland-Norway Globalization Blues
[July 23, 2016]

Roots to social democracy/capitalism, socialism
[July 22, 2016]

Denmark: SOS Save Our Sovereignty
[July 20, 2016]

Proposals to Unite for Peace and the Environment
[April 1, 2016]

The Establishment took over Copenhagen Climate march
[November 30, 2015]

US-Cuba Policy Change: Score 11-1, US Wins
[December 20, 2014]

War and Peace, Spying and Transparency: Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival
[November 20, 2014]

13 Years of Permanent War: Unite Peace and Climate Movements
[October 17, 2014]

Tales of absurdities in our times
[September 28, 2014]

Worldwide demonstrations oppose corporate climate destruction
[September 22, 2014]

Snowden speaks to Niemoller
[September 5, 2014]

Crazy Gun Stuff from the US and Denmark
[August 30, 2014]

Human Chain across German-Polish border: Stop brown coal mining
[August 25, 2014]

Worker-owner cooperatives taking root in the US
[June 29, 2014]

OLIVER STONE’S TV version of US history is a must
[June 12, 2014]

Mass Media & Establishment Assist Fascism
[May 12, 2014]

India-Sri Lanka at odds over Tamil rights
[April 18, 2014]

Human Rights Council to investigate Sri Lanka for human rights abuse
[March 27, 2014]

Cuba to support Sri Lanka at UN over War Crimes
[March 2, 2014]

Sri Lanka under fire for war crimes at Human Rights Council
[March 1, 2014]

True Anti-imperialists Must Stand By Tamils
[February 5, 2014]

Sri Lanka Genocidaires Exchange Honors with Victim of Genocide, Palestine
[January 7, 2014]

Permanent Peoples Tribunal Verdict: Sri Lanka Commits Genocide against Tamils
[January 4, 2014]

Sri Lanka Gov. “War Criminal” Promoted by Cuba’s Prensa Latina
[December 31, 2013]

School of the Americas Watch 24TH Vigil
[November 26, 2013]

REVIEW: Left to Right, Decline of Communism in India
[October 24, 2013]

Stop Impunity for Genocide and Torture
[September 28, 2013]

July 26: Cuba’s Revolution, Morality, and Solidarity with Tamils
[July 8, 2013]

[May 16, 2013]

Can True Blue Democrats do what other progressives won’t?
[April 17, 2013]

Chavez’ Singular Legacy
[March 28, 2013]

Human Rights Council resolution on Sri Lanka crimes: More of the same nonsense causes huge protests
[March 21, 2013]

Obama: The Worst US President Ever
[March 9, 2013, updated December 2015]

Hugo Chávez: Victim of US Germ Warfare?
[March 8, 2013]

Born in the USA: Regimen of Permanent Wars
[December 23, 2012]

Sri Lanka to be tried for genocide against Tamils: How will Cuba and its allies respond?
[November 9, 2012]

Unite with Julian Assange
[June 21, 2012]

Cuba Hosted Sri Lanka War Criminal President
[June 20, 2012]

Sri Lanka War Crimes-Genocide with West Complicity:
an analysis

[May 25, 2012]

Crack in human rights council: geo-political game
[April 2, 2012]

When Non-Solidarity Means Doom
[ March 30th, 2012]
by Kim Petersen

Cuba Outvoted at UN Human Rights Council over
Sri Lanka-Tamils

[March 23, 2012]

Surprise yet uneven Human Rights Council conclusion:
Sri Lanka-Tamils

[March 22, 2012]

Towards Tamil Eelam: London Speech
[March 4, 2012]
(Given to Tamil people living in London at Putney Leisure Centre)

To be conseque
nt as an Internationalist New Year 2012
[January 1, 2012]

Everyday is Flag Day
[September 21, 2011]

July 26: Cuba’s Revolution, Morality and Solidarity
[July 26, 2011]

[May 4, 2011]

Imperialism and bin Laden’s passing
[May 2, 2011]

Solidarity and Resistance:
50 Years with Che

part 7 end
[April 25, 2011]

Solidarity and Resistance:
50 Years with Che

part 6
[April 23, 2011]

Solidarity and Resistance:
50 Years with Che

part 5
[April 21, 2011]

Solidarity and Resistance:
50 Years with Che

part 4

[April 19, 2011]

Solidarity and Resistance:
50 Years with Che
part 3
[April 18, 2011]

Solidarity and Resistance:
50 Years with Che
part 2
[April 16, 2011]

Solidarity and Resistance:
50 Years with Che

part 1

[April 15, 2011]

Tamil Eelam in the Diaspora
[March 21, 2011]

A Marxist Analysis: Arab Uproar
[January 31, 2011]

Capitalism is the cause of climate illness!
Global Movement begins the cure!
[May 15, 2010]

War as the Major Destroyer of Mother Earth
[March 28, 2010]

The Story of the Hermann
From Cuba at Sea
[January 18, 2010]

COP 15 Afterword: Smashing Success Sketches
[December 21, 2009]

Obama is Unworthy of the Nobel Peace prize
[December 9, 2009]

Cuba-ALBA Let Down Sri Lanka Tamils
[November 16, 2009]

May Day in Cuba
[May 1, 2009]

Freedom and Socialism in Cuba
[March 12, 2009]

Obama vs: Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq
[January 21, 2009]

Cuba Celebrates 50 Years
[January 1, 2009]

Chomsky Debate: Repression and Manufacutruing Consent
[January 16, 2008]

Mississippi 1964: Freedom Summer Orientation, 1
[July 17, 2008]

Sounds of Venezuela: Hunger Street
[September 27, 2008]

Reflections on Obama
[November 6, 2008]

Mississippi 1964: Freedom Summer Diary, 2
[November 8, 2008]

Mississippi 1964: Freedom Summer Diary, 3
[November 10, 2008]

Half-Century of Cuba Revolution, 1

[December 20, 2008]

Half-Century of Cuba Revolution, 2
[December 24, 2008]

Volunteer Farm Work in Cuba: 1996-2006
[January 2007]
Showing up for Work 1992-1993

Denmark's Youth House Torn Down in Clash of Values

[March 6, 2007]

Normalization in Denmark: Dismantling free places and judicial rights

[March 31, 2007]

Denmark's Murderous War Alliance with USA
[July 13, 2007]

Precedent.setting trial in Denmark against FARC & PFLP
[September 24, 2007]

War Crime prime minister mandates election:
War is invisible in Denmark

[October 25, 2007]

Danish court delivers victory for liberation fighters the world over
[December 13, 2007]

ME and Fidel
[April 20, 2006]

Winding Brook Stories
[January 1, 2005]


The Guilty Innocent, 9/11
[January 1, 2002]


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