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Born in the US Military Empire (the Devil's Country), 1939, I rejected the American Dream following a four year-stint in the US Air Force. My first demonstration was against the US invasion of Cuba, April 1961. Since then I have acted as an anti-war, civil rights, solidarity, and radical activist (Long Hot Summer, 1964, in Mississippi; Wounded Knee American Indian Movement 1973; anti-Vietnam war organizer; solidarity with Cuba, Sandinistas, Chavistas, Indigenous President Evo Morales).
I have lived in many countries and worked as a journalist-editor-author-translator for four decades, including for Cuba’s Editorial José Martí and Prensa Latina (1988-96).;


“The Russian Press Threat: Pentagon on Alert”, Punto Press, N.Y., June 2018

“Tamil Nation in Sri Lanka”, New Century Book House, Chennai, India, November 2011 (English)

“Sounds of Venezuela”, NCBH, India, November 2011 (English and Tamil)

”Cuba: A Revolution in Action”, NCBH, India, November 2010 (Tamil)

Cuba at Sea, Socialist Resistance, London, May Day 2008

Cuba: Beyond the Crossroads, Socialist Resistance, London, 2006; 2nd edition 2007

Cuba: a `Yankee´ Reports (Kuba: ein `Yankee´ berichtet), PapyRossa, Cologne, 1997

Cuba at the Crossroads, Infoservicios, Los Angeles, 1994

Backfire: The CIA’s Biggest Burn, Editorial José Martí, Havana, 1991, and
in German, Drucktechnik Odenthal, Hamburg, 1994

Yankee Sandinistas, Curbstone Press, Connecticut, 1986


Revolutionære Visioner, Foreningen Oktober Forlag, Copenhagen, 2005

Eyes see what eyes want to see: Western media & the peace movement,
International Organization of Journalists, Prague, 1987. Also printed in Danish,
Øjne ser hvad øjne vil se

Fredsinvasion: Stemmingsbilleder fra en fredsmarch i mellemamerkia
(Mood pictures from a Central American peace march), Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke, Copenhagen, 1986

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